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General Information

Bays House Inspection Services Limited is an owner operated house inspection business based on the North Shore and has been operating since March 2003. We cover all areas in the greater Auckland region with the majority of our work being on the North Shore, Whangaparaoa and Rodney districts.

Rob Barnes (Director) is a Registered Master Builder with 30 years experience in residential housing and carries out all of the inspections personally and promptly. Rob is a North Shore
City Council Approved Consultant and as such can undertake Safe and Sanitary Inspections
and Reports as well as Unauthorised Works surveys.

The inspections involve a complete visual evaluation of the exterior and interior of the property, from the foundations and sub floor, to the ceiling space and roofing with particular emphasis
on high risk areas such as cladding, joinery, flashings, roofing, decks and “wet areas” such as bathrooms.Digital photographs are taken of any areas of concern and a non-invasive electronic moisture meter is used to evaluate the extent of any moisture that is detected during the inspection.

We offer comprehensive, yet uncomplicated and easy to read written reports complete with relevant colour photographs of any areas of concern. The report is set out with separate “Exterior” and “Interior” sections with sub headings for the various areas of the property and finishes with a general summary which includes recommendations. Any issues are then listed with references back to the page numbers and photographs within the main body of the report for quick referencing.

Under normal circumstances, the reports can be delivered or emailed the day after the initial inspection. Rob is always available to discuss any matters raised within the report.

All BHIS inspections are carried out in accordance with NZ Standards 4306:2005 Residential Property Inspection.

Contact us: – Phone: 0800 080 713
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