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Selling your home? Want to preserve and protect your investment?

Here are some basic tips

  • If you are planning to put your house on the market, give some thought to a Pre Sale Inspection so that you can be sure that you are presenting your property at its best. Eliminate the stress of unexpected issues raised when your prospective purchaser
    has his own Pre Purchase Inspection carried out on your property.

  • Protect your investment by having your house checked by a professional who could
    spot any issues before they become a major problem.

  • Make sure your guttering is kept clean and clear of debris.

  • All cladding should be monitored and maintained on a regular basis. This especially
    applies to Monolithic cladding and special attention should be paid to the areas where cladding meets joinery, around head flashings, and on vertical joints. Any cracking in monolithic cladding needs attention and remedial works should always be undertaken
    by Professional Tradespeople.

  • Internal decks and internal gutter systems need to be monitored and it would be prudent
    to have regular moisture readings taken in these areas.

  • Expansion and contraction is always an issue in buildings especially in properties
    with internal decks, monolithic cladding and a lack of soffit protection. Cracking
    compromises watertightness and will cause water ingress

  • Don’t build up the garden alongside the exterior cladding. Ground levels should
    be a minimum of 225mm below floor level to prevent rising dampness. Paved areas
    should be 150mm below floor level.




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